June 26, 2008,
Reggie Ray

June 19, 2008,
Beverley Webster

June 12, 2008,
Barbara Bash

May 5, 2008,
Ken Green, Dan Cooper, and David Sanford

April 6, 2008,
Live from Halifax

Dec 6, 2007,
Barry Boyce

Nov 22, 2007,
Noel McLellan

Nov 8, 2007,
Cheryl Campbell

Oct 25, 2007,
Alice Haspray

July 19,
Susan Edwards

July 12,
Cynthia Moku

July 5,
Bob Rader

June 28,
Judith Simmer Brown

June 21,
Jerry Granelli

June 14,
Richard Reoch

February 09,
John Weber

January 25,
Fleet Maull

January 18,
Leonard Hortick

January 11,
Jeff Waltcher

January 04,
William Karelis

December 21,
Children's Day Special

December 14,
Fabrice Midal

December 7,
Ken Green

November 30,
Bob and Lindy King

November 23,
Lady Diana Mukpo and Carolyn Rose Gimian

November 11,
Peter Volz

November 9,
Jonathan McKeever

November 5,
Steve Roth

October 12,
Jim Gimian

October 5,
Molly Nudell

September 28,
Venerable Khandro Rinpoche

July 20,
Helen Berliner

July 13,
Chris Tamdjidi

July 7,
Adam Lobel

June 29,
William McKeever

June 22,
Bonnie Rabin

June 15,
Carolyn Gimian

June 1,
Stephen Seely

May 25,
Wendy Friedman and
Richard Peisinger

May 18, Janet and Hudson Shotwell

May 18,
Walter Fordham

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22 November 2007

This week's guest:
Noel McLellan
[64 minutes]

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Noel McLellan and Marguerite Drescher with their son Gabriel

Our host,
Julia Sagebien

Noel talks about attending Vidya School in Boulder, the importance of Sun Camp, his role as Kusung Arm Commander, relating to Sakyong Mipham, the bond shared by his peers in the community, moving to Nova Scotia, taking a job at the Shambhala School in Halifax, and being a parent.

Our schedule: In the coming weeks we look forward to bringing you conversations with Barry Boyce, Barbara Bash, and Beverly Webster. Also coming soon, Ken Friedman leads a two-part dharma class for youth.

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Peter Lieberson for permission to play his
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